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The Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA), along with the Department of New and Renewable Energy and the Electricity Department, has introduced a fresh platform named the solar rooftop online portal, accessible at goasolar.in. In this article, we’ll delve into how to make the most of the Goa Solar Portal and navigate the process of submitting a subsidy application. It’s crucial to read through to the end to gather all the necessary details.

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Goa Solar Portal 2024

The Goa government established the Solar Portal to provide discounted electricity to residents of the state. Through registration on this platform, every resident can avail themselves of the government subsidy. The initiative aims to benefit the state’s residents, with the Goa Energy Development Agency developing the portal in collaboration with the Department of New and Renewable Energy and Electricity Department. This webpage facilitates the installation of Solar Rooftops (RTS) with subsidies for state residents. Both state and central governments will contribute to the cost of these subsidies, making applicants eligible for a 50% discount.

Apply Goa Solar Rooftop Scheme

To begin the process of installing rooftop photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, you can take the following steps:

  1. Assess your energy needs and evaluate your roof’s suitability: Start by determining your energy requirements and whether your roof is suitable for solar installation. Consider factors like roof size, orientation, shading, and slope. You can use the Solar Calculator to assist with this.
  2. Research solar installation companies: Explore the list of Installers available on this Portal for rooftop solar installations. Compare their offerings, including products, services, and pricing. These companies are endorsed by GEDA and GED, with fixed pricing. Any extra work will incur additional charges, which can be finalized between the Consumer and Installer.
  3. Arrange a site assessment and receive a proposal: Schedule a site assessment with your chosen Installer to discuss the specifics of your solar setup. The Installer will then present you with a proposal outlining details such as panel quantity and size, estimated costs, and projected energy output.
  4. Review and sign the contract: Once you’re satisfied with the proposal details, proceed to sign the contract and schedule the installation.
  5. Secure necessary approvals: Before installation commences, you may need to register your application with GEDA and GED for technical approval and potential subsidy. Your chosen solar company can guide you through this process, requiring your input for application submission via the Goa Solar Portal.
  6. Complete the installation: The final stage involves the actual installation of your rooftop solar system. This typically spans several days and encompasses panel fitting, wiring, and inverter installation. Upon completion and submission of required documents, you’ll receive any applicable subsidies.

If you’re eager to learn more about this environmentally friendly investment opportunity and its potential to provide clean, sustainable energy for future generations, click ‘Apply for Rooftop Solar’. Following installation, you can begin reaping the benefits of renewable energy from your own rooftop!