PM Modi Bharat Rice & Other Grocery at Subsidized Price Buy Online

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The PM Modi Bharat Scheme, launched by the Government of India under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, aims to alleviate the burden of escalating food prices by offering quality grocery items to Indian citizens at subsidized rates. This initiative is designed to mitigate the impact of rising food costs on the populace. Under the PM Modi Bharat Yojana, a diverse range of essential grocery products are been made available to beneficiaries at prices lower than those prevailing in the open market.

StatePAN India
ApplicableAll Resident’s of India
BenefitsFood-grains / Groceries at Subsidized Price
Launch DateJuly 2023

Currently, the Bharat brand is extending its offerings of subsidized products, including but not limited to rice, chana dal, and atta (wheat flour). These provisions are part of the concerted effort to ensure accessibility to essential food items at reduced rates under the subsidy program.

ItemPrice per KG
Rice (Chawal)₹29
Chana Dal₹60
OnionPrice may difer
Moong Dal Whole₹93

PM Modi Bharat Rice

The retail price of ‘Bharat Rice’ has been established at Rs. 29/kg, with packaging options of 5 kg and 10 kg bags.

Who are Eligible

All residents of India have the liberty to purchase subsidized products from the Bharat brand. This inclusive policy enables individuals across the country to avail themselves of essential goods at reduced prices, contributing to enhanced accessibility and affordability for consumers nationwide.

Benefits of Bharat Products

Save up to ₹1000 – ₹2000 on your monthly household grocery expensesEnjoy up to 50% savings on rice, atta, dal, onions, food grains, and more groceries compared to market prices!
Top-notch quality productsProducts sourced directly from farms

How to Apply or Buy BHARAT Rice or Other Products

No formal application process is required to procure Bharat Brand products under the Bharat Grocery Government Scheme at subsidized prices, nor is the possession of a ration card or any specific identity document necessary for purchase.

Bharat Rice Near Me: These subsidized products are conveniently available for purchase at nearby Kendriya Bhandar, NAFED, and NCCF outlets, as well as through mobile vans.

Bharat Rice Buy Online: Additionally, they are accessible through various retail chains, including online shopping e-commerce platforms like JioMart, ensuring widespread availability and ease of access for consumers across different channels.

Can I do Bharat Rice Online Booking?

Yes Bharat Rice as well as other products like Atta, Dal, Onion Booking can be done online from ONDC, JioMart. and other eCommerce stores.

Is there any Modi Grocery Store near me?

The Grocery items offered by the Brand Bharat at Subsidized rates are available at any nearby grocery store as well as on online shopping portals.